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First class lounge is a newly opened restaurant and bar situated in the in the heart of Wolverhampton city centre united Kingdom.

We take pride in the diversity of our Restaurant and bar, Offering up the most liveliest events, tastiest food from across the board, most importantly a vibrant atmosphere, which is sure to meet the needs of all.

It Is our mission to promote and encourage the unity of cultures through foood and music.

Our international chefs, use fresh aunthetic ingredients, herbs and species delivered straight to our door step from different countries, giving you a real taste and true flavour of the dishes country of origin.

Last but not least we cater for events such as birthdays dinners, business meetings and parties.

First Class Lounge

The best of country pubs in Wolverhampton

When it comes to pub restaurants in Wolverhampton, what matters is class and quality rapid services. The UK has been a cosmopolitan environment which constitutes a melting pot of cultures from all over the world. First Class Lounge Restaurant not only serves the appetites of its clients but gives them a sense of their native home dining experiences. One cannot talk about good food pubs in Wolverhampton or Romantic restaurants without mentioning the latest 2019 innovation in the business which is First Class Lounge. This is a rising star among the bars in Wolverhampton’s city Center with a variety of drinks you will rarely find in one bar.

Exciting places are best experienced than described. Visit for yourself and experience the ambiance and drinking culture which is second to none among the bars and pubs in Wolverhampton’s city center.



Best of pub restaurants in wolverhampton

The satisfaction of our customers has been the driving force behind our success. Customer satisfaction is reflected in the wide variety of delicacies fast food, cheap food Wolverhampton
We continually have great reviews both from tourists and locals of Wolverhampton. Our reviews have earned us a place on the list of ” best places to eat Wolverhampton”.

Visit us and be amazed at the variety of dishes we offer.

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Best pub in wolverhampton

At First Class Lounge, we use the Hogshead on regular basis. Even when other bars and pubs nearby are quiet, this place is consistently busy which speaks for itself.
It caters for all age ranges and has everything from sky sports and decent food to live music/bands. Also worth a mention are two huge parking lots, and a nightclub rare in a city center.


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Sparkly Red Wine

Our Bar

African suya


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The most popular  food culture comes from African cuisines and we at First Class Lounge restaurant, are out to patronize the African cuisine. If you are ever looking for fast food at African restaurants in Wolverhampton, be sure to stop and experience the unique taste of our African delicacies from the best chefs.

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FIRST CLASS LOUNGE, the best of country pubs wolverhampton

Come and have a unique experience that will keep you coming for more.